Benefits and Savings of using SIPs eco panels

There are many benefits from purchasing SIPs from SIPs Wales. We have listed below some of the main reasons below.

✔ Faster build times

✔ Reduced foundation costs due to lightweight construction and greater panel strengths

✔ Outstanding air tightness

✔ Avoids cold bridging

✔ Excellent thermal performance (Low U-Values)

✔ Improved air tightness

✔ Lower fuel bills – potential increased resale value

✔ Can withstand considerable vertical and horizontal loads. 7 times stronger than traditional timber frame

✔ Achieve a 30% increase in decibel requirements in party walls

✔ Faster erection than timber frame – whole house can be erected in as little as 5-7 days

The Benefits continue

✔ Fast delivery service – frames can be delivered within 10 days of design approval

✔ Roofs – offer a warm roof construction to most clients – stay warm in winter and cool in summer

✔ Roofs- clear span eaves to eaves and floor to ridge – subject to head height, giving you a whole new floor area and vaulted ceilings

✔ Many roofs constructed in half a day

✔ Pricing benefits, fixed price to help maintain budgets, savings through onsite insulation costs

✔ Low site wastage

✔ Open web joists ensure fast, easy laying of pipes and electrical cables. No need to drill or notch joists

✔ Wall & roof panels can be easily cut on site and roof panels plumb cut at ridge and eaves

✔ All panels are suitable for any type of wall or roof finish, bricks, tile hanging, cladding, roof tiles, slate, sedum, lead or zinc

✔ All types of roofs can use SIPs panels, flat, pitched, mansard, vaulted