think change... think SIPs

What are SIPs ?

SIPs are composite building panels, consisting of a layer of insulation sandwiched between two layers of structure. In the case of SIPs eco panels, this is one layer of efficient platinum insulation (a unique form of Expanded Polystyrene) bonded to two layers of OSB. The special way that SIPs eco panels are constructed allows them to perform in a similar way to a steel I-beam, forming a very strong structural building panel. The panels are joined together using insulated spines that minimises the amount of air that can permeate through the joint, making a very airtight construction. This system of joining does away with cold bridges at panel joints. This results in a building that is very energy efficient making it cheap to run. Because of this air tightness the building will need to be ventilated and we recommend mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system. 

SIPs eco panels are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound, up to seven times stronger than timber frame construction, more energy efficient, quicker to erect and provide an air tight environment. They are the innovative building construction method of the 21st Century allowing rapid construction of domestic houses and commercial buildings.

They are manufactured under factory controlled conditions so quality is continually monitored with most designs being catered for. The result is that the use of SIPs will save time, money and reduce labour costs.